Howard Schneider

Directed since 1994 by Wisconsin's popular Howard Schneider, this famous dance organization is now celebrating it's 76th Anniversary en route to bigger and better things.

Under the energetic Schneider, a trumpeter/pianist/singer/arranger, the Garber Band has long since returned to national prominence. And its musical venues are numerous: ocean cruises; hotels; ballrooms; casinos; concerts; service clubs; riverboat trips; and a pair of new CD/cassette recordings.

Howard is now armed with a freshly signed three-year contract with the Garber family. From it, he predicts a continuing onward and upward relationship with dancers from coast to coast. Along the way: expanded 'Swing'; and Latin arrangements, and whatever else it takes to match the public's ever-changing tastes.

During his seven years of leading the Garber Orchestra, Howard Schneider has strictly adhered to the standard 12-piece instrumentation launched by Jan in 1945. He's continuing to work with Jimmy Duffy, who handled arrangements for Jan's final trio of record albums in the late 1960s, in updating the band's musical offerings.

Howard remains 'very excited' about his continuing venture. "I feel that the Jan Garber Orchestra was probably the best sweet-styled band of them all, with an interesting beat to match."

"Our goal," Howard added, "is unchanged: to present the Garber Band as fresh, vigorous and appealing as ever to dancers young and old" as it celebrates the 76-year milestone.

"Jan's music was lively, light hearted and well-liked," Howard noted. "Keeping it just that way is challenging, pleasurable and lots of fun!"

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