Year Title
1941 Hit Parade
1942 Tune Time
1943 Here Comes Elmer
1943 So's Your Uncle
1944 Jam Session
1944 Sweethearts of the U.S.A.
1949 Make Believe Ballroom

Release Date Title
1939-1941 Uncollected: 1939-1941
1939-1947 22 Original Big Band Hits
1944 1944 Swing Band, Vol. 1
1946-1947 1946-1947
1946-1947 1946-1947, Vol. 2
1946-1947 1946-1947, Vol. 3
1949 Jan Garber
1996 America Swings: The Great Jan Garber
1998 Hot Years: 1925-1931
2002 Swinging Sweet Bands, Vol. 2
  Best of Jan Garber

Original Band Personnel
Sidemen With The Band
Memo Baernabei
Jack Barrow
Frank Bettencourt
Ted Bowman
Tony Briglia
Russ Brown
Benny Davis
Vince Di Bari
Norman Donahue
Charlie Ford
Harry Goldfield
Billy Hearn
Fritz Heilbron
Bill Kleeb
Don Korinek
Freddie Large
Jerry Large
Frank MacCauley
Ernie Mathias
Walter Moore
Jack Motch
Bill Oblak
Lew Palmer
Harold Peppie
Al Powers
Chelsea Quealey
Joe Rhodes
Doug Roe
Rudy Rudisill
Don Shoup
Paul Weirick
Vocalists With The Band
Bob Allen
Tony Allen
Lee Bennett
Debby Claire
Alan Copeland & the Twin Tones
Roy Cordell
Dorothy Cordray
Larry Dean
Janis Garber
Bob Grabeau
Thelma Gracen
Virginia Hamilton
Fritz Heilbron
Marv Nielsen
Judy Randall
Tim Reardon
Deanna St. Clair
Liz Tilton
Tommy Traynor

Recording Affiliations
Black & White

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